Alex & Darlene

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2007 Texas Open Bonspiel - Houston

Darlene and Pat get ready for their next games.

There were 22 teams attending the bonspiel and five
of them were from the Lone Star Curling Club in Austin.

Alex and Wayne ponder the next shot.

Alex and I play on Team Garman with Wayne and Ramona Garman.
We won our first game, but then lost the last two games.

We had a great turnout of Austin curlers at the bonspiel.
About 8 people had already left before this picture was taken.

Below...It's a curling tradition to have the championship
finalists piped onto the ice for the final draw.

The Brier and Niagara Falls - 2007

The Brier
Canadian Men's Championship - Hamilton, Ontario

Darlene's favorite curler - Jamie hair!

Brier Bear

Niagara Falls in March

Yep, it's cold.......minus 1 degree.

The above photo was taken from the window of our hotel room.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Med Cruise 2006

The Oceania Insignia

The Vatican - the pope was on vacation.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Amalfi Coast, Italy


A delicious swordfish dinner in Sicily.

Santorini, Greece

Rhodes, Greece

The Castle of
St. John's Knights

Athens, Greece

Our favorite ancient ruins...........The Temple of Poseidon

Monday, September 11, 2006

Las Vegas - August 2006

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

MonteLago Village Resort on Lake Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West Dude Ranch

This is a cowboy dude.

This is a singin' cowgirl.

Spirit Mountain - The Native American's believed
this is where your spirit went when you died.

I met a British lady who had spent the previous night
in an authentic Native American teepee.
She was appalled that there was no running water or bathroom.
She said she would be spending the next night in one of the cabins.

Remember the Joshua Tree "Lucy" episode?
Apparently there is a bee that pollinates the Joshua Tree every spring.
Lucy asked that famous question:
"Where would the Joshua Tree be without the Joshua Tree bee?"

Our return trip down the Las Vegas Strip.

The new Red Rock Resort.

The view from our room at Red Rock Resort.

This was Darlene' s favorite spot at Red Rock.
Note the flatscreen TV above tub.

The Bellagio Conservatory was decorated with model trains.

Alex was in a slot tournament at Green Valley Ranch.
First prize was $30,000.00.
He came in 16th out of about 175 contestants,
but the last money position was 10th place at $500.00.